API changes
serdisplib v.1.92:
The additional support of direct I/O starting with version 1.92 requested a change in the API:
instead of int filehandles a structure ppd (parallel port descriptor) is now used.
serdisp_init() now has an extra parameter that will be used in the future.
serdisplib v.1.93:
Starting with version 1.93, more output devices are supported (besides parallel port now also serial port for i2c-displays).
This requested another API-change:
  • serdisp_parport.h, PP_open(), PP_close() and PP_write() where replaced through serdisp_connect.h, SDCONN_open(), SDCONN_close() and SDCONN_write()
  • also the descriptor serdisp_PP_t was renamed to serdisp_CONN_t
  • for limited backward compatibility serdisp_parport.h is still existing and contains defines that resemble the old names (but it is highly recommended to only use serdisp_connect.h)
  • no display descriptor fields should be accessed directly. so ONLY serdisp_quit() should be used for shutting down the output device (not SDCONN_close(dd->sdcd) any longer)
  • if the output device is needed at runtime or needs to be accessed, serdisp_getSDCONN() should be used (but please not dd->sdcd any more)
serdisplib v.1.95:
Version 1.95 introduces future support for colour displays.
This requested a small change in two major functions and a re-define of their tasks:
  • Parameter colour in serdisp_setpixel()/serdisp_getpixel() was changed from int to long. This should have no drawbacks in 32+ bit architectures, a recompile should do.
  • Type long will be the type for a colour in serdisplib. Format: #AARRGGBB -> one byte for alpha, red, green, and blue channel each.
  • serdisp_setpixel()/serdisp_getpixel() should no longer be used in applications because they process colour information in a hardware-dependend representation.
  • Instead of these serdisp_setcolour()/serdisp_getcolour() should be used in applications as they process colour information in a hardware-independend representation.
  • #include <serdisplib/serdisp.h>; includes all relevant serdisplib header files
serdisplib v.1.96:
no API-changes in version 1.96.

The only change to an existing function: serdisp_reset() now only re-initialises the display whereas the newly added function serdisp_fullreset() closes and re-opens the device and fully re-initialises the display (the splitting into two functions was necessary to avoid an API-change).
the former serdisp_reset() was rather buggy anyways ...)

deprecated function: serdisp_feature() has been superseded by serdisp_setoption().

further infos on changes: HISTORY and README.